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Based on research, the first few years are the most crucial ones in shaping the future development of a child! No matter how busy parents are, the number of hours spent sending their preschoolers or even babies to pre-schools and enrichment classes is on the rise. Busy parents are also spending hours on the internet trying to search for the most suitable schools for their little ones.

Serious About Preschool 

The Ultimate Guide for Preschools, Child Care Centres and Enrichment Classes in Singapore!

Serious About Preschool is a One-Stop platform and network dedicated to help parents find the most suitable enrichment classes, preschool, child care centre, pre nursery to nursery school, kindergarten and infant care in Singapore for their precious ones. We also list holiday classes for preschoolers in Singapore every holiday season!
Scouring the island consolidating every single school into one platform for the ultimate convenience, parents can now search from over 8,000 pre-school and enrichment listings, read hundreds of parent reviews, enjoy member’s discounts on trial classes, learn from the experts, be updated on activities for your little ones with just a click! With this powerful search engine, not only can you search by categories of enrichment programs and the impressive Singapore child care centre list, you can read up on advice and parenting tips from industry experts too!  

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From Pre-Schools, Childcare Centres, Kids Right Brain Training, Whole Brain Development/ IQ/ EQ, Brain stimulation, Baking, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Chinese, English, Writing, Reading, Phonics, Sports, Music & Movement, Musical instruments, Dance, Maths, Science, Swimming, Piano, Violin, Yoga, Academic, Baby Gym, Play Group, Speech & Drama, Ballet, to Abacus, Mental Arithmetic for babies, toddlers to preschoolers, we have them all in one platform! Start your search!