Help (FAQ)

  1. Is SeriousAboutSchool . SeriousAboutPreschool Free to join for all parents? Can a guardian join?
    • Absolutely free! We welcome all mummies and daddies (guardians too!) to ‘sign up’ with us, the more the merrier! The service we are providing to assist parents find suitable enrichment classes and schools for their precious ones is completely free too! The reason you need to sign up with us is because we would like to reward you with points for your contributions to other parents on Serious About School . SeriousAboutPreschool, and should we know of any good promotions or deals from centres or partners, you will be the first to know! Sign up now!

  2. Can I unsubscribe from your membership?
    • Of course! At any point in time you prefer not to be part of our community anymore, feel free to unsubscribe, either from our mailing list on offers and deals or you can even close the entire membership account.

  3. I run an enrichment centre/ preschool/ tuition centre and would like to be listed in your community. What should I do?
    • Although we put in relentless effort in getting as many enrichment centres and schools on board as possible, we might still have missed you out or you might be a new centre. Nonetheless, we are so sorry to have missed you out and we are glad you are contacting us! Please go to the 'Centre Log In' or 'School Log In' Page to register an account with us and start posting your programs and branches now!!

  4. How do I join Serious About School . Serious About Preschool Rewards Program?
    • Once you have signed up with us as member, you are automatically included in the rewards program and you can start earning points by writing reviews, booking trial classes, referring a friend etc. Please refer to the 'Be Rewarded' page for details.

  5. Is my account or rewards points transferable?
    • No, neither is transferable. Please understand that as the main objective of our rewards points is to award status to parent contributors, hence elevating their credibility as advisors for enrichment programs in our community, no cash value is attached to these points. As such, we are unable to allow claims on neither unused points nor transferring of accounts or points in the case of account closure or point expiration.