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Is there major difference between MindChamps Preschool and MindChamps Chinese Preschool?
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Is there major difference between MindChamps Preschool and MindChamps Chinese Preschool? Does MindChamps Chinese Preschool only educate in Chinese?


Both offer the same unique S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum but a greater emphasis is placed on the learning of Chinese in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool

With a unique S.M.I.L.E.S.™ curriculum which is based on decades of research, MindChamps PreSchool operates in a bilingual preschool setting where lessons are typically conducted by an English and a Chinese teacher. Teachers take turns to conduct lessons, but the main language used is English.

On the other hand, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool is a Chinese immersion preschool whereby children are placed in an immersive Chinese environment. This may be useful for families where both parents are predominantly English-speaking but are looking to give their children a strong foundation in Chinese during the preschool years.

While both MindChamps PreSchool and MindChamps Chinese PreSchool offer the same unique curriculum, there is greater emphasis placed on the learning of Chinese in MindChamps Chinese PreSchool. As Chinese is infused into the curriculum, pre-schoolers are given the exposure to the language by listening, speaking and learning Mandarin as part of their day-to-day routine. Learning Chinese in such an integrated manner makes the process natural and fun, which creates a positive association with the language for children.

Some of the ways in which MindChamps Chinese PreSchool provides children with the opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese learning environment is by having selected enrichment programmes conducted in Chinese – instead of English which is the usual practice at the rest of the MindChamps PreSchool centres. This is especially so for the playgroup and N1 classes to build a strong foundation in Chinese for the younger ones.

From N2 onwards, the use of English increases while still maintaining the teaching and learning of Chinese. This well-balanced environment is designed to prepare children for primary school, where English is the main language of instruction.

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool also incorporates the Chinese Culture Appreciation programme where preschoolers get to learn the rich Chinese culture and history through lessons, as well as arts and cultural appreciation activities such as clay modelling, painting and calligraphy.


The Expert:

Janice Lim

Deputy Director (Early Childhood), Curriculum and Training.

MindChamps Preschool