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Should I be bothered by the turnover of teachers or focus on the curriculum that the preschool offers?
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The turnover of teachers in my child's childcare centre is very high. Notice this high staff turnover issue at many preschools too. Should I be bothered or focus on the curriculum that the school offers only?


The curriculum is important but more so is the relationship you and your child have with the people at school 

We have seen many preschools endeavouring to develop and promote strong staff retention. However, the current state of high staff turnover is not something that can be resolved overnight, as there is currently a shortage of preschool teachers in Singapore.  Although this means that turnover can be expected, it is important to make sure the school is a happy environment and is doing all it can to keep their staff.  The bond between teacher and child is one of the most important indicators of your child’s happiness and success in the programme. The curriculum is important but more so is the relationship you and your child have with the people at school. 

Developing the relationship

When there is a new teacher on board, hopefully the preschool will arrange a get- to-know-you session. This allows both parties to understand their shared goals and how they can work together in the child’s best interests. If the school does not instigate this, then request it. Talk to the new teacher about your child; their likes and dislikes.  The sooner the teacher gets to know your child, the sooner they can begin to develop a strong relationship with them.

An open mind

Having a new teacher may create anxiety amongst the parents as they do not know what to expect from them but bear in mind that the new teacher may also feel just as anxious!

Try to refrain from imposing unrealistic expectations on them in the first few months; allow the new teacher time to form relationships, get to know their environment and grow confidently in a supportive space.

However, if you still do have concerns about the new teacher, arrange to meet with the principal to share them. 

Positive communication

Engaging in positive communication with the new teacher is key to a successful parent-teacher partnership. The teacher will have a system of communication with you. Make it a point to share any positive feedback with them, and the principal. They will definitely appreciate it.

When trust is in place, both teacher and parents can work hand-in-hand to ensure that children continue to flourish under their care! 

To sum up, remember to let a new teacher know that your intention is to work alongside them in a positive partnership. I believe the new teacher will grow to be confident enough to carry out what needs to be done, knowing you are one of their pillars of support. And imagine the positive impact this will have on your child!

The Expert:
Iris Lim
Chiltern House Preschool