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We have arranged for a 3 days Q&A session with 3 experts to help with your pregnancy care or baby questions! Meet Experts from Doctor Anywhere, Leila & Co. and Audrey Tan, IG Influencer mum from 28 - 30 July on Serious About Preschool Facebook!

Ask the Baby and Parenting Experts (July 2020)

Missed the chance to post your mind-boggling questions about your pregnancy and parenting journey? Ask the Baby and Parenting Experts is back this July by popular demand! 

This time, Serious About Preschool has invited Doctor Anywhere, Leila & Co. and 
Instagram influencer Audrey Tan (@audt) to standby for a 3-day Q&A session, where we answer everything you have ever wanted to know as a parent! So post away NOW* and they will be answered from 28-30 July!

When to Post: NOW*
Read Answers: 28th - 30 July 2021, Wednesday - Friday

Venue: HERE (Serious About Preschool Facebook thread)
Post your pregnancy or baby questions in our Facebook thread NOW* and our experts on standby will answer them from 28 - 30 July! Feeling shy? Simply PM us!

* Due to the usual overwhelming responses for these sessions, the experts may not be able to answer all questions submitted. Hence post early to get priority for them to be answered!

The Experts:

Dr Raymond Ong (Senior Doctor, Doctor Anywhere)

With over 10 years of clinical practice, Dr Raymond Ong, Senior Doctor of Doctor Anywhere, possesses both breadth and depth of experience in primary and emergency medical care. His areas of interest include Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine, which allows him to lead the conceptualization of key products and innovation in healthcare services. 

About Doctor Anywhere
Doctor Anywhere is a regional tech-enabled, omni-channel healthcare company, on a mission is to make healthcare simple, accessible, and efficient for everyone. Doctor Anywhere’s digital platform bridges gaps in the healthcare ecosystem through technology and innovation, enabling users to manage their health easily and effectively through the DA mobile app. Headquartered in Singapore with presence in 6 countries in the region, Doctor Anywhere now serves more than one million (and growing) users in the region.

Leila Ng (Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Founder of Leila & Co.)


Mrs Leila Ng, Founder of Leila & Co. is also a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and Lamaze Childbirth Educator. Her passion is to empower more parents to take charge of their births and not be fearful of them by coaching parents through pregnancy and labour, helping them achieve positive and better birth experiences. 

About Leila & Co.
Leila & Co, one of Singapore's most experienced providers of antenatal classes, focuses on creating awareness and building a community of real parents, forging real connections with real solutions of knowledge on all things pregnancy, birth, feeding and baby care. 

Audrey Tan (Instagram Influencer and Mother of 4)

Ms Audrey Tan, Mother of 4, recently gave birth to her fourth child in June this year. She is also a full time small business owner of AkselBaby & Bambam Kids! 

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How to receive the giveaways:
1. Share your questions and concerns 
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Simply post any questions you have here on 
THIS thread on Serious About Preschool Facebook or PM us directly!‚Äč

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