Coco-Ro Learning House International Class Registration Open (Aug 2022)

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Coco-Ro Learning House International Class Registration is Open in August, enrol your child now!

Coco-Ro Learning House International Class Registration Open (Aug 2022)

Age: 3 to 6 Years
Address: #01-01/02 Devonshire Building, 20 Devonshire Rd, Singapore 239850
Contact: 6736 1815


About Coco-Ro:
Our kindergarten was established in 2012 and our foundational philosophy originates from Japan. With "Kids First" as our education policy, which is based on Japanese culture and behavior practices that include respect and politeness, we strongly believe that early childhood education is very important as it is children's first holistic experience in learning and interacting with peers in a child-friendly setting alongside experienced and qualified educators. We provide a strong foundation for inculcating moral values, communication and building relationships through fun-filled and experiential activities like corner play, thematic play, gross motor play and craft works.

Corner play areas are set up to provide opportunities for children to learn through self-chosen and self-exploration activities. There are flexible spaces that can be easily adjusted to accommodate and support the learning activities. These spaces encourage social interactions and cognitive skills development of children.

Thematic play activities such as show-and-tell, music and movement and craft works, are also equally important as these build up children's confidence level to express themselves in English. This confidence skill is especially valuable and important as English is the Language of International Communication and also the most common second language in the world.

Over here at Coco-Ro, we do not only emphasize on communication and building relationships with children, but also with parents! Using the communication book, teachers and parents can connect with each other by writing updates or notes in it. Parents can also navigate our parents' portal site where there is a specialised photo portal for parents to view and download images of children enjoying their activities. We believe that with strong support and good communication from parents, children will definitely thrive in our school activities.

We also inculcate the Japanese dining values and etiquette, emphasising on the "What and How" to eat during mealtimes so as to educate children on maintaining a healthy body and mind. We provide nutritionally-balanced Japanese style school lunches everyday which are catered from Japanese restaurants. Lunch time appreciation is also a very important value for children to learn such as showing respect and gratitude to the people who cook, prepare and clean up after lunch.

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