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National Day Singapore Celebration

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Join Serious About Preschool to celebrate Singapore's 56th Birthday with Stories of Singapore!

Happy National Day Singapore Stories

This National Day, Serious About Preschool has prepared 3 stories in Singapore, 'Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up A Storm', 'The Amazing Sarong' and 'Karung Guni Boy'. Join Ms Debs to uncover the journey of how two pandas managed a rojak stall, Nora and Adi as they discover what unexpected fun a sarong can bring and Ming who build an invention out of used items he has collected. 

Join us to explore their stories

The Amazing Sarong by Quek Hong Shin
Date: 22 July 2021, Thursday
Time: 7.30 PM

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The Amazing Sarong: Isn’t a sarong just a boring big piece of cloth? What can be so amazing about it? Nora and Adi are about to go to the beach when their mother takes off her baby sling and hands it to the two children. They discover that there is more than meets the eye to this seemingly ordinary sarong. Join Nora and Adi as they go on a playful day out and discover what unexpected fun, joy and new encounters the sarong can bring. 

Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up A Storm by Jason Erik Lundberg and Patrick Yee
Date: 29 July 2021, Thursday
Time: 8 PM
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Bo Bo and Cha Cha Cook Up A Storm: One day in the estate of Toa Payoh, Bo Bo and Cha Cha get their aprons on to help Mr. Pan at his rojak stall. As the queue grows longer, crazy hijinks ensue and the pandas almost overcook the peanuts. Bo Bo also accidentally burns the you tiao!

Just after they finally put the rojak together, Ram Gordon the famous chef appears! What will he think of the rojak the pandas have cooked? Will Mr. Pan’s reputation be ruined?

Karung Guni Boy by Lorraine Tan & Eric Wong
Date: 5 August 2021, Thursday
Time: 8 PM

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Karung Guni Boy: Ming is a very creative boy who loves to make things and he would love the chance to create his fanciful inventions. He doesn’t have the money to buy the things to make his inventions, and was wondering what to do when the sound of the Karung Guni man’s car horn beeped. This gave Ming an idea: he would become Karung Guni boy and make things out of things he collected instead. So he went door-to-door to his neighbours asking for things they no longer wanted. Soon he had enough to build his machine.

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