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Popular Choice Award 2020

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Popular Choice Award is back! Check out the most popular enrichment and childcare centres this year!

Serious About Preschool Popular Choice Award 2020

Who are the most popular preschools and enrichment centres this year? Which centres have been getting the most searches/ enquiries on, hence being deemed as the hottest brands among parents? Popular Choice Award 2020 is back ! Based on traffic* and enquiries for the various brands on our platforms, we have filtered out these most talk of the town centres for you (placement is not ranked in any order)! Check out who are still on the wall of fame this year! 

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Winners for Serious About Preschool Popular Choice Award 2020/21


Julia Gabriel

Speech & Drama Programme

Julia Gabriel Centre empowers students to communicate confidently through EduDrama®, a unique philosophy that entails learning within a positive and enjoyable environment, inspired by educators who are passionate about children, language and the arts. Age-appropriate activities enable students to express ideas through voice, speech, language, music, movement, art, writing, performance, debate and visual media, working towards Trinity College London awards at kindergarten level and above.

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The Learning Lab

Developing English and Math Foundation

Their Early Years Programmes aim to develop key skills and abilities in your young learner. A range of activities, games and materials are employed to introduce your child to reading, writing, thinking, speaking and socialising in a classroom environment. Learning excellence takes centre stage in their Early Years programmes. By helping your child to cultivate key learning habits, he or she will be able to grasp and organise new knowledge.

These crucial first steps in education empowers your child to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, thinking and speaking. A happy learner, accumulating knowledge of language and numeracy — your child is developing the key knowledge, skills and dispositions for effective learning. 

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Nurturing independent self-learners

Kumon is the world's leading after-school enrichment programme, offering Mathematics, English and Chinese language subjects to students from pre-school to secondary school.

The Kumon Method aims to cultivate independent problem-solvers with a high academic ability from an early age. Your child can achieve their highest potential with our uniquely-designed small-step worksheets, combined with individualized instructions and guidance from our Kumon Instructors.

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My Junior Maths

Holistic Training and Learning of Mathematics

Mathematics is as a routine that requires monotonous repetition without often explaining how a specific process works and how to apply formulas. Clearly, there is a gap between what students are taught and what they should be learning. Given this, My Junior Maths (MJM) helps to bridge this gap. The small group coaching experience at MJM, with their well-crafted programs, is designed to stimulate students’ interests and expand their mathematical horizon by enhancing their critical thinking, reasoning, communication and connection skills that are important in solving complex problems.

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Heguru Education Centre

Right and Whole Brain Enrichment Centre

Heguru Singapore is a multi-award-winning children right brain development enrichment school. They are officially licensed by Henmi Educational General Laboratory HEGL Japan to offer the renowned Heguru method ​which specialises in right and whole brain development of young children aged 6 months to 12 years old.

Understanding parents want only the best for their children, their specially designed Heguru education courses nurture sharp-thinking children with great confidence and high EQ. They provide them with a strong foundation and important head start before they embark on mainstream education.

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Creative and Analytical Math Programme

MPM Math aims to improve confidence and inspire independent problem-solving. Our program trains children in mathematical concepts and calculation skills while exploring TRUE problem-solving skills. Children will be able to solve sophisticated math problems using basic skills they have learned. The MPM program develops a positive self-learning attitude in children.

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Whole Brain Training Program

The JELiC program facilitates development of the child's Multiple Intelligences emphasizing on:

  J    Judgment Quotient makes sure that children can distinguish right from wrong.

  E    Emotion Quotient encourages and develops children's positive emotion management.

  L    Logic Quotient trains children's logic thinking.

   I     Intelligence Quotient indicates the intelligence and skills in problem-solving.

  C    Creative Quotient explores the creativity in life.

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Immersive Mandarin Programmes

At Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten every child is immersed within an engaging and vibrant Chinese environment conducive to naturally acquiring effective language skills while simultaneously developing competent social, cognitive and physical skills through an expertly designed preschool programme.

With 20 years of successfully running Mandarin programmes at Julia Gabriel Centre and over 20 years experience of running a strong bilingual preschool programme at Chiltern House, they felt ready to take this on. Using the same tried-and-tested unique teaching methodology of EduDrama® that engages children through active learning in a positive preschool environment. 

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The Aquatics Swim School

Technique Accuracy Speed Survival

The Aquatics Swim School offers a wide range of swimming programmes to cater to those of all ages and skill levels. They adopt a step-by-step progressive syllabus which imparts swimming techniques to their students alongside values learning.

Your child will be taught by a pool of dedicated coaches who are committed to supporting their learning progress and building their confidence in the water. You will be able to keep track of class progress through their unique school portal and a dedicated progress update team to answer your queries. 

TASS will provide a safe and fun learning experience for budding swimmers. 

Contact them now at (+65 8892 1192 +65 9070 7880) for an all-rounded enrichment experience!


Chiltern House

Bilingual Preschool Programme

Mindfulness and childcare or kindergarten children may seem like an unlikely combination but not at Chiltern House. Mindful activities for their Kindergarten children will include discussions of different feelings and what happens when they experience the present moment with openness and curiosity.

At Chiltern House, their mission is to provide their children with the skills they will need for both school and life. The classes are run by both English and Mandarin teacher so that both languages are incorporated into daily activities and routines to expand the language skills of children.

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Mandarin Language Immersion Preschool

BibiNogs is a specialist bilingual and Chinese language preschool. Their proprietary BibiNogs BE curriculum brings contexts and life experiences in a fun and engaging manner in their bilingual and pure Mandarin immersive classrooms to help our children make sense of the world around them.

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