Year End Holiday Programmes and Activities 2022

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Check out our consolidated lists of Year End Holiday Programmes and Activities to keep your little ones occupied this holiday season!

Looking for Year End School Holiday Activities?
 Check out our list below!



1. Nullspace Centre For Robotics Learning

Nullspace Robotics & Coding Year End Holiday Programmes

Enjoy $50 off your first programme with Nullspace when you key in promo code ‘SAP50’ when checking out!

Looking for a fun yet enriching holiday programme to keep your child engaged this Year-End holiday? Be sure to check out Nullspace’s Centre for Robotics Learning (C4RL) wide range of Robotics, Coding and STEM programmes for children ages 6 to 16.

Holiday Exclusive Workshops (one-off workshops)

  • Minecraft Series - Coding Workshops (Ages 9 to 11)

    • Minecraft Education Coding Workshop A

    • Minecraft Education Coding Workshop B *NEW*

  • GearUp Series - 1 Day Robotics Workshops (Ages 9 to 12)

    • Sumo Bot Battle Workshop *NEW*

    • Sprint Bot Racing Workshop *NEW*

  • Build from Scratch Series - Coding Workshops (Ages 8 to 10)

    • Scratch “Create Your Own Platformer Game” Workshop *NEW*

When: 21 Nov to 30 Dec 2022 


2. Julia Gabriel Centre

Julia Gabriel Centre Year End Holiday Programmes

Julia Gabriel Centre is back this Year End with Holiday Programmes from the 28th Nov to the 9th Dec 2022. Find out more about their programmes below!

  • Wonderful Winter Playdate (6 to 18 months)

  • ​Winter Wonderland Adventure (18 months to 3 years)

  • Sensational Snowy Celebration (6 to 18 months)

  • Winter Wonderland Escapade (18 months to 3 year)

  • Mask Upon A Time (Nursery 1 & 2 camp)

  • Marvellous Mask Parade (Kindergarden 1 & 2 Camp)

  • Unmasked (Primary 1 to 3 Camp)

  • Mastering The Mind (Primary 1 to 3 Camp)

  • Agree to Disagree - A Debate Programme For Novice Debaters (Primary 4 to 6 Camp)

When: 28 Nov to 09 Dec 2022 
Locations: Forum, Greenwich V and Tampines Mall

For more information, visit HERE

3. Chengzhu Mandarin Centre

Chengzhu Mandarin Centre Chinese Holiday Programmes

Keep your kids occupied meaningfully by signing up for Chinese Holiday Programmes organized by Chengzhu Mandarin Centre from the 28th Nov to 2 Dec 2022!

  • 熊猫爱运动 Little Panda Loves To Exercise (PlayNest)

  • 亲子运动会 PlayClub Sports Day (PlayClub)

  • 小河里的扑通 Riverside Revels! (Nursery 1 & 2)

  • 猪先生去约会 Parker Pig Prepares a Picnic (Kindergarten 1 & 2)

  • 美食之旅 Culinary Ant-ics! (Nursery 1 & 2)

  • 生肖的由来 The Origin of the Chinese Zodiac (Kindergarten 1& 2)

  • 寻宝奇遇记 A Pictorial Treasure Hunt (Primary 1 & 2)

  • 汉字的演变 The Evolution of Chinese Characters (Primary 3 to 4)

When: 28 Nov to 02 Dec 2022 
Locations: Forum & 
Rochester Mall | Julia Gabriel @ Greenwich V

For more information, visit HERE

4. The Rhetoric Collective

The Rhetoric Collective Nov-Dec School Holiday Workshops

Join debating, interview skills, speech & presentation, changemakers workshops and thought leaders forum this holiday with The Rhetoric Collective (the premier speech & debate training centre in Singapore)!

  • Changemakers Workshop (Age 9 - 16 years old)

  • Debating Workshop (Age 9 - 16 years old)

  • Interview Skills Workshop (Age 9 -16 years old)

  • Speech & Presentation Workshop (Age 12 - 16 years old)

  • Thought Leaders Forum (Age 12 - 16 years old)

When: 28 Nov to 16 Dec 2022
Location: 35B Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089000

HERE for more information!

5. BibiNogs

BibiNogs Short Term Half Day Programme

Looking for a short term programme for your preschooler?
Enrol your 18 months to 4 years old child in our Short term half day programme. 

When: 1 Nov to 9 Dec 2022
Location: BibiNogs 

For more information click HERE or Call/WhatsApp us at 8800 7711

6Chattering Kids

Oral and Communications Holiday Program

Do you know that Oral Exams comprises 25% of the overall Chinese score and 15% of the total English Exam score? Join us for 1 to 1 Chinese and English online oral classes and learn at the comfort of your home this Year End Holiday!

Chattering Kids' curriculum is strictly designed according to MOE Oral structure, targeted at helping primary school students ace in the oral exams, but most importantly be an effective communicator. Try us out this school holiday! 
*It is observed that the optimal period for a child to grasp the exam requirements and see results is minimum 20 months with weekly practices. 

Price: $200 for 5 classes/ $400 for 10 classes (book 2 subjects: 5% discount)
When: Nov/ Dec (preferably same timing across 5/10 days)
Location: Online
Lesson Duration: 1 hour

Limited slots available, email in the following format to book your slots now!
Parent's Name:
Child's Name:
Child's Level:
Preferred dates and timing (Please give 3 options):

Mobile Number: 


Fill up the interest form HERE:​  and we will match your child with our pool of available teachers.

More details here:
Google Reviews: Google Reviews

Chinese Compo Writing Holiday Camp


Does Chinese Compo Writing look daunting to your child? Your child can write well too with our proprietory specialized teaching methods, developed by experienced educators! This school holiday, let your child try our Creative Chinese Compo Writing Holiday Programme and discover a new way of grasping the art of writing!

When: Nov/ Dec (preferably same timing across 4 days)
Location: Online
Format: 1-1 or Small Group Class (max 4)
Duration: 1.5 hours (Group); 1 hour (1-1)
No. of Lessons: 4

Limited slots available, email in the following format to book your slots now!
Parent's Name:
Child's Name:
Child's Level:
Preferred dates and timing (Please give 3 options):
Mobile Number: 


Fill up the interest form
 HERE  and we will match your child with our pool of available teachers.

More details here:
Google Reviews: Google Reviews

5% Early Bird Discount. 10% discount for existing Chattering Kids Oral & Communications class students.

7The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab's Year End Holiday Programmes 

Level up during this holiday with our fun-filled array of year-end programmes awaiting your eager learners at The Learning Lab. Curated specially for your child to discover new knowledge and refresh past topics, here are just some of the programmes he or she can enrol in.

Please note that the levels for our year-end holiday programmes refer to your child’s level in 2023.
K1 to K2 
- Learners’ Camp

Primary 1 to Primary 6
- P1 and P2 Super Writers
- P1 and P2 Book Lovers Programme: Roald Dahl
- P2 GEP Excellence 
- P3 and P4 Creative Writing 
- P5 and P6 DSA Impressive Interviews
- P6 Strong Start for Academic Success in English, Maths and Science

See you in class soon!

Date: 01 Nov to 28 Dec
Location: The Learning Lab Centres 

Contact Details:
Contact: 6733 8711

Find out more HERE

8.Jumptopia Festive Village 

Jumptopia Festive Village @ Marina Bay Sands

Back and bigger than before! Wrap up the year with a bang with Kiztopia Friends! Spanning 45,000 sq ft of space at Marina Bay Sands Expo Hall C, get ready for an experience like no other! From mega inflatables and play areas, to stage performances, delightful refreshments, a miniature Christmas market and even an indoor “snow” play area, families will get to play, feast, catch spectacular performances and shop all in one! Compete with Santa’s Reindeer Squad and race down those slides at Tiger’s Sleigh, or check out Mark’s Carnival and grab an instaworthy shot against the Ferris Wheel! Have fun exploring Bell’s Gingerbread House; tumbling over life-sized gingerbread men and candy-coated pretzels, or go on a magical train ride at Drago X'mas Land!

Date: 22 Nov 2022 - 3 Jan 2023
Location: Sands Expo® and Convention Centre, Hall C

Operating Hours:
10am to 8pm (Monday to Thursday)
10am to 10pm (Friday - Sunday, PH eve, PH)
Black-out date/time: 27 November, 6pm to 10pm

Time Slots:
10am to 12pm, 12pm to 2pm, 2pm to 4pm, 4pm to 6pm, 6pm to 8pm, 8pm to 10pm(Friday - Sunday, PH eve, PH)
Time slots includes 10 minutes of bouncy castle reset

Ticket Price:
Admission Ticket $36 | Family of 4 Ticket $128
Tickets are open for sale, click 

9.Newtonshow Christmas Camp 2022

Newtonshow Christmas Camp 2022

Newtonshow is the most established holiday camp in Singapore. This season we are delighted to offer three science programs - Superhero science, Harry Potter Science and Science from the North Pole. Christmas is fast approaching and, even if there’s not much chance of snow, it’s promising to be an exciting festive season at Newtonshow! And whether your kids are into the magic of science or the wizardry of Harry Potter, we’ve got something that will enrich their lives and expand their minds. Welcome aboard the Newtonshow sleigh ride, for what promises to be our most exciting Christmas camp yet!

Age: 3 to 11 years
Date: 21 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023
Timings: 9am to 4pm, weekdays
Locations: River Valley, Joo Chiat, Bukit Timah, Thomson Road, Mohamed Sultan Road

More Info: 

Registration Here

10.Maker Holiday Camp 2022

Maker Holiday Camp 2022

Do you have a little inventor at home? We're delighted to offer two new programmes for our Summer camp that will enable your kids to enter the world of Robotics or join our unique "Hands and Brain" Maker camp! Kids will learn Robotics, Coding, Lego EV3, Lego WeDo, Circuit Modelling, Inventing, Creativity, Imagination, 3D Modelling, Engineering, Basic Programming, and Making. The course involves hands-on activities using many tools, such as 3D pens, Chibitronics, Makey Makey, Squishy Circuit, 3D puzzles, Quibits and others.

Age: 3 to 11 years
Dates: 21 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023
Timings: 9am to 4pm, weekdays
Locations: River Valley, Joo Chiat, Bukit Timah, Thomson Road
More Info:

Register Here

11.Tomato Cooking School 

Tomato Cooking School - Christmas Camp 2022

This Christmas we're delighted to offer our International Cooking Camp. Each day kids will explore a different part of the world by learning to cook dishes from that country. At Tomato Cooking School, both youngsters and teenagers can get serious about cooking or take the first steps towards a career as a chef. The school is professionally equipped for classes: each student has their own cooking station plus a full set of utensils and ingredients. Every day we select two or three diverse dishes which can be prepared by beginner chefs or those who already have some experience of cooking. Each child cooks independently, under the guidance of our experienced chefs, and kids always get to take home their delicious creations to share with mum and dad!

Age: 6 to 14 years
Dates: 21 Nov 2022 to 6 Jan 2023
Timings: 9am to 4pm, weekdays
Locations: River Valley, Joo Chiat, Thompson Road
More Info:

Register Here

B) Open House

1. Kinderland 2022/2023 Registration is open

Enjoy exclusive privileges when you enrol your child in selected Kinderland preschools for 2022 or 2023. Register your interest to speak with our centre principal today!

Sign up

2. NurtureStars Open House Registration 2023

2023 Open House Registration at NurtureStars @ SAFRA Mount Faber!

Give your child an excellent start with NurtureStars. NurtureStars is a joint collaboration with Kinderland International Education and SAFRA National Service Association.
✨ Weekly water play session at the children’s pool
✨ Specialize physical education taught by native Japanese Instructors
✨Theme-based activities that help develop thinking skills and creativity
✨ Programme-based literacy and mathematics activities

Come join us for an exciting journey with our Bee Bot. Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children. It is colourful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Sign up promotion worth $335
1) 1 set of long sleeves uniform 
2) 3 months of $100 fee waiver each month

Promo ends on 30 November 2022. Hurry, don't miss it!

3My Junior Maths New Centre @ Thomson Open House

Come visit us at our Thomson new centre and discover how the MJM programme can optimize your child’s ability to understand and develop his or her critical thinking skills. Your child will be able to appreciate that Mathematics is a tool in solving a wide range of problems. Furthermore, our teaching goes beyond what has been taught and allows your child to apply what has been taught to real-world context. 
* Enjoy $50 OFF 1st Term Fee!

My Junior Maths @ Thomson
244C Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574369

Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
‍Closed on Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays.

For more information, click HERE

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