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What is the optimal teacher-child ratio for a preschool?
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I am worried about the teacher-child ratio for my child's preschool. Is there a standard ratio? I prefer the teacher child ratio to be smaller so that more focus can be given to each children in the class.


Guideline set by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) on the Teacher-Child Ratio

There is a guideline set by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) on the teacher-child ratio for all levels in childcare centres. While this is the minimum requirement that all childcare centres are expected to adhere to, there are other childcare centres and preschools that offer lower teacher-child ratios to ensure that children get all the care and attention that they need from the teachers.

The ratios set by ECDA, as well as those applied at all MindChamps PreSchool and MindChamps Chinese PreSchool centres, can be seen as follows:




Ratio Set by ECDA

MindChamps Ratio


At least 18 months

1 : 8

1 : 6

Nursery 1

The year they turn 3

1 : 12

1 : 7

Nursery 2

The year they turn 4

1 : 15

1 : 9

Kindergarten 1

The year they turn 5

1 : 20

1 : 11

Kindergarten 2

The year they turn 6

1 : 25

1 : 12


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