Fulfill the '1km residential address from school' requirement

Importance of Staying 1km from Primary School in P1 Registration

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When there is balloting in Phase 2B or Phase 2C for a school's Primary 1 registration, priority is given to Singaporeans or Permenant Residents residing near to the school. Hence it is common for Singapore parents to purchase or rent a property in order to fulfill this mandate requirement.

Distance Affects Priority Admission in P1 Balloting

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stay 1km from a school inorder to be given priority in the P1 Registration! Without the address, fulfilling the requirements in Phase 2B is fruitless.
Please note down the timeline we've consolidated below so that you do not miss the opportunity to acquire that desired home before the registration exercise which usually takes place in June/ Jul of the year prior to the year your child turns 7.

Important Timeline!

If you are: Looking for a New Launch:
New Launches require a longer leadtime before the TOP date. If you are looking for a new home near your school, start your house search at least 4 years before your child’s registration year (the June before he/ she turns 7)!

If you are: Looking for Resale Homes:
Start your house search 1 year before your child’s registration year (the June before he/ she turns 7).

If you are: Looking to Rent:
Start your house search 6 months before your child’s registration year (the June before he/ she turns 7).

Complimentary Report to kickstart your house search!
Let the professionals take the 1km worry out of the way of your P1 registration episode!

Refer to the House Search Timeline table above, depending on your preference, do not miss the dateline to fulfill it. Without fulfilling the location requirement, fulfilling requirements for phase 2B becomes fruitless! Let Serious About Preschool’s preferred housing consultant partner: Home N School help you!

Home N School is a network of preferred partnering property consultants who are also experienced parents in P1 registration matters. Being parents themselves, they are experienced and specialized in housing matters for families. Whether it's looking for your dream home in preparation for your child's P1 registration, selling your property to relocate to another or looking for investment properties for your family, the team from Home N School will be your ultimate choice to help you!
Fill up the FORM, *Home N School will be in touch and will be accompanying your home search or sale journey till the end!
You will receive a P1 welcome pack for your child and enrichment advices upon successful acquisition of your dream home near your desired school!

Take the first step, fill up the FORM now!
Alternatively just drop an EMAIL with your enquiries and we will get back to you.

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