Which is the right programme for children with dyslexia?
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Question: My child has dyslexia and often mix up with the vowels when it comes to writing, how do I know which is the right programme to send her to? 


Dyslexia is a learning difference that creates challenges to reading and writing. Everyone experiences this condition in their own unique way, but they generally have trouble reading quickly or without making mistakes. Like your child, they may also confuse one vowel with another, or reverse numbers and letters without realising it.
A programme that engages multiple senses simultaneously to help them connect words with sounds and meaning will be helpful. A teacher who’s proactive in identifying and responding to your child’s needs is critical. You should also look for small class sizes and a curriculum that allows for class activities to be adapted to meet your child’s learning differences, so that she can receive the attention and scaffolding necessary to develop her reading and writing competence.
Getting your child one-to-one tuition could be a good idea, but he/she needs to be qualified in this area and understand your child’s challenges. What’s more important is to make them comfortable reading. Acknowledge their hard work, and celebrate their small victories and accomplishments, even if there are still mistakes. You can also get them audio books to spark their interest in stories. When they’re a little older, you could also try using a ruler to help them read in a straight line and keep them more focused. 

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Sumathi Jayaram

Julia Gabriel Centre