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Wobblers (11 months-18 months)

They may wobble as they walk but Wobblers have an unparalleled determination that makes everything a discovery. This class for children ages 11 to 18 months encourages curiosity as your Tumbler learns how to push toys, kick a ball, walk on the balance etc



45 Minutes
Parent Accompanied Playgoup
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
UE Square | Central Region
81 Clemenceau Avenue, #02-12 UE Square, Singapore 239917
6-18 months
  1. preschool singapore expert

    This gym has many equipment in the gym. The is a ladder to climb, little vehicles to play in, and wooden slides with steps to climb up. Under the wooden slides there are spaces to hide and play too. Very fun space for kids to exercise their creativity.

  2. preschool singapore expert

    For the weekend session, there are usually 8 other kids and accompanied parents. The duration of the class is about 45 mins. Before the class starts, we are allowed to free play around the area. The activities are rather standard for all the lessons - sitting in a circle and getting to know each other, songs and movement, stretching exercises with our child, crawling through tunnels, walking on balancing beam with parents help, bubbles, playing of balls, exploring of different musical instruments. Its really enjoyable to see all the small little toddlers playing around and having so much fun together. Also a good time to get to know some other mommy with kids of around the same age.

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