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Key Maths Skill

In MJM, we provide our students, as young as four years old, with opportunities to discover mathematical knowledge and the ability to apply them correctly. We at MJM will help prepare our pre-primary students hone their abilities to classify, compare, analyze parts and whole, identifying patterns and relationships, induce, deduce, generalize, and spatially visualize problems which in turn, drastically improves their thinking skills as a whole. As we train and sharpen their thinking skills, we will also help our students develop strong connections, the ability to discern and identify patterns and relationships between interrelating ideas lifted from a wide range of subjects. $50 OFF first term fees with SAP vouchers in Welcome Pack when you sign up as SeriousAboutPreschool member.


Maths/ Abacus/ Mental Arithmetics

5 %
90 Minutes
Branch Address: Age Group(s):
Bukit Timah | Central Region
MY JUNIOR MATHS Pte Ltd.,1 Jalan Anak Bukit , #02-12 Bukit Timah Plaza , Singapore 588996
6466 0933
4-5 years
5-6 years
above 6 years old
  1. preschool singapore expert

    I felt they built quite a good foundation and worked on their mental sums pretty well. Highly interactive classes to keepy my active boy engaged! More importantly they taught him how to think logically, analyse problems and solve them effectively. Now, my son is very interested in math and likes to solve math problems that are very challenging. The teachers are also dedicated to making sure the kids understood the material, went above and beyond. Highly recommend!

  2. preschool singapore expert

    I used the $5o discount voucher in the Welcome Pack to trial My Junior Math at Bukit Timah since I was staying nearby. I like the teachers as they are very detailed and will always feedback to me on my son's progress as well as on his worksheets. Expect homework every week after class relating to what was covered that lesson. Class size is very small and so far max I saw was only 4 in a class. Although they coach each child individually based on their abilities i.e. it is not a group teaching where every child of the same age group is in the class and every child in that class can be doing different topics that day for different level. The teachers are quite particular in finding the most appropriate class fit for my son. They will assess and observe each child and try to balance the type of student for each class. For this I really appreciate the teachers taking the time and effort in making such arrangements.

  3. preschool singapore expert

    Enrolled for the K2 class so as to prep my son for primary 1 math. There's a one to one assessment with one of the instructor to assess my child enrichment level. This assessment is free and no obligation to enroll at all. Decided to enroll to this center as they promised that the class size will not be more than 6 students per class. I prefer small size classes like this so that the teacher can better focus and pay attention to my child. The teacher will assign a set of homework each week based on what has been taught so that my child can better understand the math concept e.g. to classify big, bigger and biggest, patterning, fractions etc. The teacher will also try to provide some feedback about each child each time she meets up with any of the parent after class.

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