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Nullspace Holiday Bootcamps

Nullspace will be running several Robotics and Coding programmes this September School Holiday! (Yes you can now have a taste of the course with only 4 condensed sessions)!

With 5 different unique programmes for children of varying ages, you are sure to find the course that best suits your child!


Junior Robotics Programme using LEGO WeDo 2.0
Age Group: For Ages 6 to 8
Designed for younger children as an entry to LEGO Robotics, the Junior Robotics Programme lets students explore different project themes such as Dinosaurs, Star Wars and Vehicles. With 12 unique projects, students get to build and program their own LEGO WeDo robots in a fun filled learning environment.
Course Fees: $300 for 4 sessions (2 hours each)
Course Dates: Project Transportation (7-10 September, 10am -12pm)

Robotics Certificate Programme using LEGO Mindstorms EV3
Age Group: For Ages 9 to 16
The more advanced version of the Junior Robotics Programme, students get exposed to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 platform, which is capable of more autonomous movements. Students cover topics such as line tracing and gyro sensor over 6 course levels to prepare for National Robotics Competitions held throughout the year.
Course Fees: $380 for 4 session package (2.5 hours each)
Course Dates:
Beginner 1 Foundation (7 Sept, 9.30am -12pm)
Beginner Practice Sessions (8, 9, 10, 11 Sept, 9.30am-12pm OR 1pm-3.30pm)

Junior Game Developer using Scratch
Age Group: For Ages 9 to 16
If your child is more interested in game creation, look no further! Students explore the use of Scratch to create games by learning to use If-Else blocks, Repeat Loops and Variables. Levels are structured progressively to ensure students build competency at a comfortable pace!
Course Fees: $380 for 4 session package (2.5 hours each)
Course Dates: Beginner 1 (7-10 Sept, 9.30am-12pm)

Inventor Certificate Programme using Arduino
Age Group: For Ages 10 and Above
Using text-based coding and the Arduino microcontroller, students learn to put together their electronic projects like the Mood Lamp, Electronic Piano and more! This course is for the aspiring Maker!
Course Fees: $380 for 4 session package (2.5 hours each)
Course Dates:
Intro to Arduino (7-10 Sept, 9.30am – 12pm)
Beginner 1 (7-10 Sept, 4pm-6.30pm)

Junior Data Analyst Certificate Programme using Python
Age Group: For Ages 11 and Above
Using the popular Python language, students learn how to use text-based programming to analyse and process data. At higher levels, students will cover machine learning and computer vision.
Course Fees: $380 for 4 session package (2.5 hours each)
Course Dates: Home-Based learning (Flexible Scheduling)

Book your Holiday Camps now:
Phone: 9855 4017

Not able to make it for the week-long holiday? Fret not, Nullspace also has weekend and weekday courses throughout the year! Check out our website or Facebook for more details!

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