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The Learning Lab: Year-End Holiday Programmes 2022

The Learning Lab is having a multitude of enriching and educational activities to keep our children occupied meaningfully this holiday!

The Learning Lab’s Year-End Holiday Programmes 2022 

Level up during this holiday with our fun-filled array of year-end programmes awaiting your eager learners at The Learning Lab. Curated specially for your child to discover new knowledge and refresh past topics, here are just some of the programmes he or she can enrol in.
Please note that the levels for our year-end holiday programmes refer to your child’s level in 2023.
1. K1 to K2 Learner Camp
Keen young explorers will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of learning through play, craft and a wide variety of hands-on activities.

2. P1 and P2 Super Writers
Ignite your child's writing talent and boost his or her confidence in becoming a great writer. Our Super Writers programme has been specially designed to spark your child's creative juices and nurture his or her passion for storytelling. This programme will help your child learn how to write in a creative and exciting manner using a range of different literary techniques.

3. P1 and P2 Book Lovers Programme: Roald Dahl
Engage your child in stories by beloved children's author Roald Dahl. Your young learner can look forward to storytelling sessions, creative writing and illustration components. Most importantly, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of books and be encouraged to become a lifelong reader.

4. P2 GEP Excellence
An early introduction to GEP for your child.Our GEP Excellence Programme is an exposure module to familiarise your child with question types commonly seen during the GEP round 1 Screening Exercise and round 2 Selection Exercise. This popular programme provides specialist guidance on strategies and techniques to excel in the MOE's highly competitive 2-stage Selection Exercise. There will be no screening tests and all are welcomed. 

5. P3 and P4 Creative Writing
Through exposure to different approaches to writing such as using different points of view and writing in various genres, your child can look forward to learning techniques to create gripping content and memorable characters.

6. P5 and P6 DSA Impressive Interviews
Help your child get the practice he or she needs to succeed at the DSA interviews. Your child will learn how to prepare optimally for the DSA interviews with lessons that teach him or her how to present himself or herself professionally, as well as craft authentic interview responses that highlight his or her strengths, passion and personality. In addition, your child will get to explore our techniques for managing FAQs, learn from preferred responses and tackle curveball-killer questions to stay ahead of his or her peers. 

7. P6 Strong Start for Academic Success in English, Maths and Science
Bolster your child's confidence in tackling the PSLE with our series of P6 Strong Start for Academic Success programmes.These programmes will equip your child with a strong understanding of complex P6 topics in English, Maths and Science, in an engaging way. This allows your child to have a better handle on the higher level of critical thinking required to conquer the PSLE.

See you in class soon!

Date: 01 Nov to 28 Dec
Location: The Learning Lab Centres 
Contact Details:
Contact: 6733 8711

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