Julia Gabriel Education launches New Preschool at Keppel Bay

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Nestled among the awe-inspiring vistas of Keppel Bay, surrounded by the invigorating waterfront breeze and a serene ambiance, Julia Gabriel Preschool at Keppel Bay provides an ideal setting to foster the growth and development of young minds.

Julia Gabriel Preschool at Keppel Bay
A preschool providing stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere.

Julia Gabriel Education, a prominent figure in early childhood education, has inaugurated its latest preschool at Keppel Bay – Julia Gabriel Preschool at Keppel Bay in January 2024! This significant achievement coincides with the rebranding of Chiltern House Preschools, now renamed Julia Gabriel Preschools since the beginning of the year, consolidating the institution under a unified identity.

Serious About School feels privileged to have been among the first to catch a glimpse of this brand-new preschool, situated amidst the captivating views of Keppel Bay. We were not only impressed by the school's aesthetics but also by the warmth and hospitality extended by the teachers. The sight of cheerful children from every class further heightened the joyous atmosphere. In such an environment, one could truly grasp the happiness permeating every inch! We are eager to share our firsthand experience (check out our video too!) here.

Every morning, students are welcomed by an inviting reception area, situated across from a snug reading corner.

Brightly lit classrooms feature breathtaking views through the windows.

Even the restrooms appear remarkably new and well-maintained.

There is also a large outdoor playground just around the corner, dedicated for Julia Gabriel Preschool kids! Unfortunately, when we visited, it was still in the process of being fully developed, and the rain made it difficult to take a favorable shot. However, we understand that the outdoor play area will be ready very soon, promising enjoyable moments for these lucky children.

Music and activities room; outdoor playground

Immersive and distinctive learning experience at Keppel Bay:

The new preschool provides an ideal setting to foster the growth and development of young minds. Integrating the wonders of nature with Julia Gabriel's innovative EduDrama® learning approach, the preschool promises to deliver a unique educational journey for children.
Adding to the positive news, Julia Gabriel Preschool offers a diverse range of full-day programs (Please refer to Annex A for the full list of programs) that contribute to a well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum. These engaging programs serve as a platform for children to explore interests, develop essential skills, and nurture talents, sparking a lifelong curiosity and passion for learning.

Enhancing educational benchmarks for young learners

Ms Fiona Walker, the Group Managing Director of Julia Gabriel Education said, “The interest of our children lies at the heart of all our decisions. We feel immensely fortunate to have found a spot that perfectly complements our vision of providing the highest quality education for them. The ongoing support and understanding demonstrated by parents of children from our Turf Club preschool throughout this process has also been truly invaluable. With our new and enhanced services, we hope to remain steadfast in delivering top-notch educational experiences that enrich the young minds of tomorrow.”

If our video tour and photos haven't convinced you yet, why not schedule a visit to the center and see for yourself?

About Julia Gabriel Education

Established in 1990, Julia Gabriel Education empowers students to communicate confidently through EduDrama®, a unique philosophy developed by our Founder, Julia. It entails learning within a positive and enjoyable environment, inspired by educators who are passionate about children, language, and the arts. With a primary focus on fostering creativity and care among children of all ages, the institution has expanded its reach across three distinct brands - Julia Gabriel Centre, Chengzhu Mandarin Centre, and Julia Gabriel Preschool. Developmentally appropriate activities are designed to enable students to express ideas creatively, with confidence and clarity. Recognising the importance of continuous growth, Julia Gabriel Education also offers training and development programmes for adults, providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge. Through innovative teaching methods, passionate educators, and inspiring environments, Julia Gabriel Education strives to ignite a lifelong love for learning in each child.

Annex A
List of Programmes

Programme Titles


Mindful Moments

Our Mindful Moments programme enables children to develop the necessary skills to cope in an increasingly busy world. Children learn to focus, develop emotional literacy and are introduced to values and character strengths.

Science and Technology

Through a broad curriculum including cookery, research, coding, and content creation, this programme encourages children to explore, create and discover.

Give and Grow

Our Give and Grow programme focuses on Sustainability & Gardening where students can engage with the nature, expand their knowledge of the world and be better prepared to make positive choices and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Harmony Heroes

The programme ‘Harmony Heroes’ will provide students with more opportunities to collaborate and interact with peers of different age groups, developing character strengths such as love, kindness, curiosity, and teamwork.


This programme will hone the problem-solving abilities of the children, transforming ideas into practical solutions, and gaining essential skills like teamwork, resilience, financial literacy, and negotiation.

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