LingoAce June Holiday Workshop Classes

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LingoAce June Holiday Workshop Classes


Looking for ways to engage your child this June Holiday? Don’t miss an exciting adventure as we take your child into the world of Chinese fable stories like Journey to the West《西游记》and Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三国演义》. But that’s not all! For parents looking to boost your child’s Chinese grades, join our intensive bridging course to strengthen written and oral communication! Make the most out of your child’s June Holidays today!

About LingoAce
At LingoAce, we bring learning Chinese to life ​by combining our authentic teaching expertise with technology to deliver the most engaging and effective online live classes for the modern young learner aged 3 to 15.

June Holiday Workshop Classes:


1. Chinese Cultural Classes (to foster interest in Chinese for younger children – preschool n primary school kids)
Learning Outcomes:

  • Immerse students in Chinese culture by introducing to them idiom stories, Chinese fable stories, Chinese classics such as Journey to the West《西游记》and Romance of the Three Kingdoms《三国演义》and Chinese historical figures.

  • Besides engaging students in Chinese culture, they will also be revising and enhancing on their comprehension and composition skills.

2. Chinese Bridging Courses (prepare primary school students for Sem 2 exams by improving written and oral communication)
Learning Outcomes:

  • Designed to give students a heads up on the language structure and language skills that will be taught in the 2nd Semester

  • Help students to be prepared for the 2nd Semester whereby all the major school assessments will be conducted.

Date and Time of Workshop:
28 May – 30 June
Recommended Age: Children aged 3-12
Price: Starts from $89.88 for 4-class Program, with different packages available
Where to buy: Register your details and our Course Consultant will get in touch in 24h

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